Iron Gates

Peace of Mind. Personal Space. Self Expression

At Advanced Fences we know that a gate or a fence does more than outline your Houston property. We believe that your fence should make you feel safe, make your home more inviting, and make it easy for you to express your personality.

Building Peace of Mind

We know that personal security is your top priority, and it’s ours, too. You deserve to have peace of mind in knowing you have a fence that keeps you and your property safe at all times.

Creating Space for Loved Ones

A fence keeps others outside while keeping what you cherish most inside. A good fence helps you create a dedicated personal space for you and your loved ones.

Expressing Your Uniqueness

Home gates and fences don’t have to be dull. We custom-design quality fences so that you can make a personal statement that is aesthetically pleasing and shows off some personality.

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Houston Fences & Iron Gates

Advanced Fences in Houston specializes in building custom iron gates and iron fences that do more than simply mark your property. Along with crafting iron gates and fences, we offer quality residential and commercial iron gate and fence repairs and services to enhance the appearance of your property and build your peace of mind. When it comes to quality iron fence repair and maintenance, go with the company that values your security, personal space and self-expression.

Covid-19 Notification

Advanced Fences is open during the COVID-19 CRISIS, but the health and well-being of our customers and contractors continues to be our top priority. Our customers are currently depending on us for urgent and critical fence repairs, along with other needs, so we have implemented the following standards to protect both our customers and contractors:

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Making masks and gloves available to all contractors in the field who want them
  3. Careful sourcing of materials

Residential Fences & Iron Gates

When it comes to residential fences and iron gates, we design unique wood fences and ornamental iron fences that can keep your family safe and make your home look all the more inviting. You’ve put a lot of time and thought into your home, and our custom residential iron gates offer the perfect finishing touch.

Learn More About Our Residential Iron Gate Services

Commercial Iron Gates & Fences

For your commercial property, we can craft and design driveway iron gates and iron fences that provide excellent security while you’re onsite and even when you aren’t. While self expression is more common in the home, our custom commercial fences and iron gates can personalize your workplace too.

Learn More About Our Commercial Iron Gate Services

Iron Gate & Fence Repair

Do you need an old driveway or breezeway iron gate and fence repaired? We can do that for you. Do you wish to keep your iron gate lasting as long as possible? We provide iron gate and fence repairs and maintenance to ensure your security isn’t at risk and to keep your property looking impeccable.

Learn More About Our Iron Gate Repair and Maintenance Services

Warranty Services or Guarantee

At Advanced Fences we offer a guarantee of 2-5 years, which is dependent upon manufacturer guidelines. With our limited warranty, we will only charge for service calls so we can help maintain your iron gate’s high quality.