Commercial Fences

We design custom driveway gates, automatic gates, and fences that provide excellent security while you are onsite and even when you are away from your Houston commercial property. Even though self-expression is more common in the home, our custom commercial fences and gates can effectively personalize the workplace and provide exceptional security. We understand that when it comes to owning a commercial property, security is an absolute necessity and an unarguable top priority.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Commercial Wrought Iron Automatic Gate

Commercial properties must have elevated security, so we often recommend installing an automatic driveway gate to ensure that only authorized personnel can access any given section of the property. In addition to keeping unwanted guests at a distance, installing automatic gates instills extra safety measures and exclusivity, so that businesses can keep their operations confined to their team members and customers on a need-to-access basis.

Given the high-security nature of commercial wrought iron gates and fences, repairs and maintenance must be completed promptly. In the event that the gate we install is in need of repairs due to normal wear and tear, we complete the following repairs:

When it comes to automatic driveway gate openers, we repair and service swing, slide, and barrier arm gate openers made by multiple manufacturers.

Commercial Wood Fences

Commercial Wood Fence

Wood fences are easily the most common type of fence on any property, including commercial properties due to the increased privacy and affordability they provide. It is important to pick the best wood for your property’s needs, and that’s why we fabricate and install fences using only the highest quality materials to ensure they remain sturdy and protective. 

At Advanced Fences, we believe that in addition to providing security, the right wooden fence or wooden gate will continue to represent the culture when employees are not around to do so themselves. Different types of fences can speak to different brand images, and we are determined to customize the fence that best aligns with company needs and values. 

To ensure your commercial wood fence and gate protect the property and bring out the best in your brand, we complete the following fence maintenance and restoration services:

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